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Thanks for creating it. So far, I’m having fun with the simplicity of it, and realizing that it can be a window to depth.
Re: day three, I liked being reminded to say a prayer of recognition for the source of food – I was drinking a green juice, reading emails, and that moment of oh yeah, I just took this for granted, and I could be noticing the sun and labor and good fortune that went into my having that green drink.
Cathy Z.


It took me more than 10 days. I felt a need to repeat a number of the lessons several days before moving forward. Thus, I was grateful to still be able to access the information late.

Living complaint free is challenging, but it is changing me. Forgiveness and Gratitude lessons were framed in a way that was new to me, and I appreciated that.

Katherine K.

The program works and I expect a great number of people can and will benefit from it. To me, and only by example, day 5 [Gratitude] is perfect, clear expectation, clear benefit, clear process and clear outcome.

The video clips are great and, as it happens, my preferred way to receive information and ideas. The information provided in the notes is great support for the presentation and could also be used to provide different and or additional information rather than simply being a duplication of the video.

Bruce S.

Simply amazing.  Hard too. The exercise or challenges are not easy….at least for me.  The videos make it personable.  Felt you were talking just to me yet I know you weren’t…  Thank you and thank you for your offer of assistance in becoming whole….somehow I became fractured.

Amy in Florida

These are all very good. A great way to start ‘spiritual fitness’ and a great way to review for anyone who has taken your other sessions.

Bernadette N.

There wasn’t any lesson that I felt should be excluded. They all had plenty of merit in their own way.

Your facial expressions are the absolute best part of this series. I really felt you were talking with me on a personal level even though it is through a video. You do have a gift of teaching by making complex subjects easy to understand.

Thank you very much for inviting me to your program.

Bonnie C.

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I’ve thought about charging lots for this. Of course I did. This is fabulous stuff – it’s the culmination of years of my work. But, I just couldn’t get my mind around how to set a price. I mean, I should be charging $197!  But, I didn’t want price to be a barrier to keep anyone from being able to do this. So, I’m trying out something different – pay from your heart pricing.

The truth is, I want you to have these 10-tools and spiritual fitness. And, I want you to get to know what I do. I hope that you like it and (if it feels like a fit) you’ll want to take one of my classes, courses, or bring me in to speak to your group.


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