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September 2006 – Issue 27/40

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The 77% Weekly:
The Religion-Outside-The-Box Newsletter
is a chance
you to have a dose of
something spiritual but not religious 40 out of 52 weeks a year.

is a web-based 501c3 tax
exempt religious congregation that
empowers people to find and sing praises to (the) God (of their
understanding) regardless of
affiliation or belief.

Holy Day Service

Religion-Outside-The-Box presents a different approach to the
season ahead in the Balboa/Woodley Park of Los Angeles.

Friday, September 29, 2006.
5:30 Picnic. 6:30 Service.

Mark your calendar. Invite your friends. Some information
available at this link and more information
to follow.


If you are the type who regularly prays for those in need,
please add Fulvia and her family in Connecticut to your list.
Fulvia, a devoted wife and mother of two young ones, suffered
an aneurism and is currently unconscious in the hospital. Thank

(Prayer requests and other news regarding membership that
you would like to share can be e-mailed.)

Notes on the 77% Weekly

A number of people learned last week that The 77% Weekly
has an editor, and I would like to take this time to publicly
thank Michele for being behind the scenes and helping me
make each of the “sermonettes” look and read its best.

ready and below. You might not agree with all of it. That’s
alright, it’s kind of radical in a way. Comments as always are welcomed.

How to deal with impossible people

Do you know how to deal with impossible people?


Here are some ideas. . .


Take a
moment and focus on some of the impossible people who
are, or have recently been, in your life. Now think about all
the different ways you have chosen to deal with

Chances are you can easily write a
compelling list of all the ways not to deal with
impossible people — be rude, fight, antagonize them,

But what about things that do work?

The very first step.

The very
first step of “how to deal with impossible people” is one that
most of us forget.

Answer the question: Is this
something I want or need to do?

Is this
“impossible person” someone you have to deal with?

If the answer is yes, then continue

If the answer is no, congratulations,
problem averted! Take a deep breath and move


Dealing with
impossible people has a surprisingly simple solution. It’s just
four letters long: L – O – V – E.

The best way to
deal with impossible people is to love them.

Download this article . .

With much love,

Rabbi Brian


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