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October 2006 – Issue 30/40

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The 77% Weekly:
The Religion-Outside-The-Box Newsletter
is a
you to have a dose of
something spiritual but not religious 40 out of 52
weeks a year.

is a web-based 501c3 tax
exempt religious congregation that
empowers people to find and sing praises to (the)
God (of their
understanding) regardless of
affiliation or belief.


A job opportunity

The ad here is based on a concept from the book There Is Nothing Wrong With You:
Going Beyond Self-Hate

Author Cheri Huber,
a teacher and student of Soto Zen, explains
that many people do “good deed” after “good deed”
depositing “credits” into a proverbial bank account. When
they decide to treat themselves well and attempt to make a
metaphoric withdrawal, the banker at “the Bank of Self-Hate”
informs them that they haven’t done enough.

advocates the seemingly insane notion of self-love. (I love
her for that.)

The next edition of The 77% Weekly will be entitled: Self-
Love: Rabbi Brian’s Practical Guide to This Seemingly
Impossible Task
. (I may be biased, but I think it is one
of the
most exciting articles that I have written.)

next time, try to remember to be kind to yourself.

If you want to check them out, this article
was also posted at streetprophets and there are comments
there that can be found by clicking here.

With much love,

Rabbi Brian


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