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# 11 / 40 – April 2007

The 77% Weekly
Dear Greetings!

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D.I.Y. Holiday

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, defines a Hallmark Holiday as a disparaging term used to describe a holiday that exists primarily for commercial purposes, rather than to commemorate a truly significant religious or secular event.

Hallmark Holidays include:

  • Administrative Professionals’ Day
  • Boss’s Day
  • Father’s Day / Mother’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day

Here’s my question: Why should Hallmark have all the fun?

I think we should all be able to declare a Holiday.

I would like to officially introduce the Do It Yourself Holiday.

Think about something you wish were commemorated. If you could invent a holiday what would it be?

Really, think about it for a minute.

What do you wish we all celebrated?

  • Bob, my brother-in-law, advocated “Creativity Day.”
  • Larry, my friend the retired minister and sociology professor, selected an “International Day of Contrition.”
  • As my favorite topic these days is faith, I would have everyone celebrate “Faith Day.”

What “holy day” do you think should be observed?

And, have you observed that day recently?

With love,

Rabbi Brian

And, if you care to, click here to see comments on the streetprophets site where this article went up last week.

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Rabbi Brian


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