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# 18 / 40 – June 2007


A Spiritual Exercise About Change

the only constant is change – as paradoxical as that might seem – it
would behoove us all to learn how to deal gracefully with it.

Think about it, do you really want to go around with the mindset that change is bad?

To help us learn about our response to change, I have come up with a simple spiritual exercise.

For the rest of the day (or week), change your cell phone ringtone or put your watch on the opposite wrist.

each time your phone rings or you look at an empty patch of skin
instead of finding out the time, notice of how you react. Your reaction
to this change is going to inform you as to your natural, pre-wired
response to change.

(For many people, their reaction to change is frustration and/or confusion.)

But, change is just change.
Change isn’t inherently good or bad.
Change is just different.

See if over the course of the day (or week) you can learn from yourself and accept both change as well as your reactions to it.

With love,

Rabbi Brian

And, if you care to, click here to see this post on the streetprophets site where this article also went up this week and might have received some comments there.



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