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# 30 / 40 – October 2007


Peace is not the absence of strife . . .

Peace is not the absence of strife, it is more than that.

In Judaism, there is classic prayer asking God to give us the type of peace that exists in the heavens. This definition of peace is not the bucolic, pastoral, Thomas Kinkade image of peace that many folks are running around hoping for. The peace of the heavens is the harmony of the planets, each with their own tremendous amount of force, co-existing. That’s real peace.

Real peace is the harmony of the apparently disharmonious.

And, I wish that for you . . .

I pray that you achieve a sense of peace with the conflicting aspects of your life . . . I pray that we all find a place of harmony within the apparent disharmony of this world.


With love,

Rabbi Brian

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This article was also posted at Street Prophets.

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