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From the desk of Rabbi Brian.


Box on whiteIt seemed seasonally appropriate for me to write about fear…

A few simple truths about fear:

  • All fear is rooted in the perceived future loss of something we either have or hope to have.
  • Most of our fears do not come to pass.
  • Fear of something specific is easier for us to deal with than free-floating anxiety.
  • No matter what you do, you’ll never eradicate all your fears.

A few postulates about fear based on the above:

  • Perhaps we would feel less fearful if we were less attached to objects and outcomes. (Duh.)
  • Maybe
    we hold on to fears that don’t come to pass because they are simply
    more comfortable to deal with than the anxiety that comes with being
  • Becoming comfortable with your fears might just be the best plan.

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With love,

Rabbi Brian

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