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From the desk of Rabbi Brian.


(This message was purposely timed to be in your in-box during “shopping season.”)

Ōtagaki Rengetsu was an early 19th Century Buddhist nun widely acclaimed for her poetry. I
recently came across a sentence of hers on the topic of attachment that
was so beautiful I feel compelled to share it with you:

accept the graceful falling of mountain cherry blossoms, but it is much
harder for us to fall away from out own attachment to the world.

We know that our attachment to outcomes and objects causes us to suffer.

our very sense of self craves attachment to the world and we oblige by
acquiring things and believing that these things are important.

it were otherwise and we could be like the water that reflects the moon
without ever containing it. Were we able to let go of our concepts of
self, ego, right and wrong…

Spiritual-religious exercise for the week: Let go!

With love,

Rabbi Brian

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