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From the desk of Dr. Laurence C. Keene

The Terrible Feeling of Loneliness
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My house seems so empty, dear Lord. My life’s partner has been away for
a few days and there are no sounds in the house except my own. How
empty a house can be when there are no sounds in it except ones own. I
have been thinking lately of the many people I know whose mates have
died and have left their partners with soundless, empty houses. Empty
houses that will never be filled again with the sounds of give-and-take
partnerships. Empty houses that are never quite filled when only one
person is in them. How empty a kitchen table can be, dear Lord, when
there is no one on the other side of it looking back. How much less
melodious a song is when there is no one else nearby to hum along with.
How much less funny a humorous story seems to be when there is no other
person’s laughter to mingle with our own. Be with us lonely people,
dear Lord. Sit across the table from us. Hum with us. Laugh with us. We
need to hear some sounds other than our own. Make some noise, dear God.
We need to know we are not alone.




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