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Bonus Issue


My father’s health

Let me start by telling you a little story

Years ago, I counseled a friend through was a very rough night. She was terrified of something that was set to pass the next day. I patiently witnessed her fears with her.The next day, the seemingly fated tragedy never occurred.

I felt that I was cosmically owed something back.

Both neurotically and miraculously, I find myself in a similar situation with my dad’s health.

As you might know, Dad was diagnosed a few months ago with a malignant, ocular melanoma.  He was given at most a year to live. It was really bad. I traveled to see him a few times, and I leaned on a lot of people for their support.

Last week, the oncologists reported that they had removed all of the cancer and were giving him a new lease on life.

He’s got a lot of recovery still to do, but, medically, he’s slated to live.

I’m overwhelmed with joy and feel like I’ve suffered a bit of whiplash on this very fast roller-coaster ride.

And, like I alluded to in the above story, I feel like I owe people a bit of a refund for all the support they gave me.  Of course, I know this is a touch of neuroses and that at the time, the help was needed. But, now, everything is back to being copacetic.

Thank you for your love, and prayers.

With much love,


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