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From the desk of Dr. Laurence C. Keene

Letting Go
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Lord, I simply cannot go to sleep. It is midnight and my mind is still racing like a runaway locomotive. I am reworking the events of today and have already begun worrying about the ones tomorrow. I want to let go and give them over to you to carry for awhile but I simply cannot resist worrying over them a little longer.

having a difficult time letting go and trusting these days. I know you
never slumber or sleep so why am I so intent on staying awake?

I have read stories of saints being able to fall asleep in the midst of violent storms. I want that kind of peaceful sleep. Lord.

raining pretty hard down here, dear God. It is not good sleeping
weather. I feel like I should worry a little bit longer, but frankly, I
don’t have much strength left for it. The wonderful thing about
weariness. Lord, is that it makes trusting you so much easier to do. I
wish I had been less strong more quickly.



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