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The philosophy of Religion-Outside-The-Box maintains that no one has a monopoly on spiritual-religious truths. With this this in mind, The 77% Weekly newsletter has included messages from Larry Keene (my best friend, ROTB board member, and retired minister/sociology professor).

Starting now, from time to time, The 77% Weekly will include the writings of ROTB members.

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Giving to God, locally.
To: Madeleine K
Subject: RE: Giving locally


Thank you for your permission to forward your words as an issue of The 77% Weekly.

I especially loved how you capitalized “Him” in “I got Him a large Sprite”.



Dear Rabbi Brian,

First I really appreciate your emails, you make a difference in my life.

Now my story –

A few years ago I was miffed at the Cardinal of the diocese I was in who said that having girls as altar servers was an insult to God (like he had a direct line!) so I decided I wouldn’t insult the diocese with my money.  I cut out the “middle man” and directed myself to still donate but do it directly to Jesus.  It does work for the most part.  Jesus shows up more often that you would guess to ask me for money (sometimes he just needs directions). He makes me laugh sometimes, I walk to work to save money and today Jesus stops me and says “I need $30 to get my phone turned back on, I can’t get a job without a phone.” Having to go to the bank, then all the way back to the subway where Jesus was today did make me late for work and I also had to stop at McDonald’s to break a twenty (I got Him a large Sprite, it was a hot day today) BUT my boss wasn’t there when I got in so she didn’t notice I was late. I got a MIRACLE for just $30, that made my whole day!

I’ve always been “Outside-the-box” and I’m glad I’m in such good company.


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