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Bonus Issue



Bonus Issue
A thought…  



Zeitgeist is a German loan-word meaning the “spirit of an age.” It’s the feeling that everyone around feels.

The sense I have had in the last two days has been pretty rough.  I’ve talked with a lot of folk, and it seems we all are having a particularly hard time — overly sad, stressed, on-edge, disappointed, frustrated, etc.  No one seems to be quite the best version on themselves in the past few days to a week.

I don’t know really what caused it.  (Was it the sensational royal wedding followed by the sensational death of Bin Laden? Or, is it simply that the stars and planets are aligned maliciously?)

Something in me felt moved to send this e-mail in case you too were feeling the odd zeitgeist these days.  There seems to be some comfort knowing I’m not alone.

Spiritual-religious advice: See if you can’t be more aware of your breaths than of your thoughts.  


With love,

Rabbi Brian
Rabbi Brian

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