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Being Generous With My Praise

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Dear God, we speak so many wonderful words about others at funerals. Why is it that we do not speak these same wonderful words to one another daily when they can be heard and appreciated?

I have witnessed the difference a timely word of praise can make in the life of a person who does not feel very worthwhile and who may doubt whether their contributions to life are of any real importance or significance to anyone. I have seen how people can come to life again as a result of one sincere and well-placed compliment given to them or a timely word of appreciation spoken for the smallest thing they might have done for someone else.


Life-giving, mood-enhancing words.

How easy it actually is, dear God, for us to dispense these words lavishly . . . but we do not do it nearly enough. How stingy we are with what could be a powerful remedy for another person’s miserable day.

A simple word of praise. A compliment. A note of appreciation.

So much better gifts are they than flowers given at a funeral or a spoken eulogy that will never be heard by the very person who needed to hear those life-giving words much earlier.



The 77% Weekly

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