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From Larry Keene32/40


Simple Prayers

What a wonderful moment it is, O God, when a kind person walks into our lives. We feel so protected and encouraged. So safe from the pain we often bring to ourselves and from the crushing harm that others sometimes inflict on us as well. There is such profound healing in a kindly spirit. The abrasions that we experience from daily being rubbed the wrong way are washed and soothed by the gentle voice or touch of a kind person.

God, I am willing to overlook a multitude of imperfections in a person who is kind. I am not saying that I am in favor of human frailties and faults but I am greatly in favor of kindness.

I am in favor of how, when everything else fails to restore my will to persevere in life, a kind response to me will usually energize and motivate me to keep on keeping on. I know that everyone cannot be intelligent, witty, or gifted in the ways that usually make people sit up and take notice but I know that we can all be more kind.

Help me to be a kinder person, O Lord, . . . even if no one notices.






About Larry Keene
What action, if any, do you wan Larry Keene is an ROTB board member, a retired minister, a retired sociology professor, and Rabbi Brian’s best-buddy.

His “simple prayers” have occurred monthly in The 77% Weekly since 2006.

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