06Why don’t we ever have any free time?
Want to know why you don’t have 10 minutes to set aside to do absolutely nothing?

Probably answer: Because you’re scared of it.

MEME: Sweet Brown Singing

You read that right: you are scared of free time.

Few of us do “quiet” well. Secretly or unconsciously, we’re afraid of the feelings that might come up – the things that could arise when we kick back and relax.

Many of us actually get scared when we relax. That’s why we don’t relax.

Consequently, we come up with a myriad of tasks, a smorgasbord of things to do so that we don’t have to face the dreaded fear that might arise when we relax with time off.

We’d rather deal with the circus of our lives than be with ourselves in disconcerting silence. Many of us travel hundreds or even thousands of miles away from our home just so we can lie back on a chaise lounge with the sun beaming on us, and relax.

I’ve practiced meditation for a few years now and can vouch for its ability to help me to sit through a lot of that discomfort.

This week’s spiritual-religious advice:
Take some time off to do absolutely nothing.

With love,