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Yesterday, I sent out an e-mail listing 8 people whose services I have enjoyed and wanted to share. And, I had the computer add a ninth name to each list — yours: <YOUR NAME HERE>!

This led to many people thinking that I was actually singling them out.

Which is awesome. And, a bit awkward.

While I have no qualms making people feel good,I have less desire to mislead.

There is spurious wisdom out there that the Chinese character for crisis is actually opportunity plus danger. While this etymology is bunk, let me still turn this potential issue into an opportunity. For you. And, for me.

If I were to list you on the ROTB services page, what would you have me put?

Here’s an opportunity for you to think of yours.

And, then, what I would put for me.





What words go here?

What is it that you have to offer?

What is your elevator pitch?

What do you stand for?

How do you help?

Take the challenge! Send me your blurb (and a picture to use).


On a Mission from God
Rabbi Brian

I work for Religion-Outside-The-Box (ROTB.org) to produce articles, podcasts, as well as in-person and semi-virtual seminars.

My work is to help adults maintain a healthy, adult relationship with God.

I can help you de-tangle your baggage with regard to surrender, society, religion, and God. I won’t tell you want to think, but will help you unlearn, learn, and flesh out for your beliefs for yourself.

I work for God in a “Blues Brothers” meets “John Lennon as an ordained rabbi” kind of way.

My short term goal is to add 31,500 people to the religion-outside-the-box mailing list by July 1. E-mail ideas to help.  My long term goal is to spread love.



This week’s #wisdom_biscuits:

Think about spelling out what you stand for.

When possible, turn challenges into opportunities.  

Few problems are solved by an email your in-box.

This is an exception.

40 curiosity-satisfying, soul-nuturing messages from rB
Plus $130-savings on patience

Wonderful! You did it. Look for an email soon! (Unless you want to work on your patience, of course.)