IMG_1228A 2013 study by the American Psychological Association, explains that telling yourself when you are anxious to “just calm down” doesn’t help.

This runs a bit counter to the “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” signs that were so prevalent just a few years ago.

Moreover, and this is key, the study reported that instead if you tell yourself that you are excited, new possibilities opened up. It has something to do with arousal congruence.

I have long known that physiologically there is no difference between anxiety and excitement. Both can include sweating palms, shortness of breath, and other symptoms with which you might be familiar.

I have made a study of my mood. And, what I discovered is that when I am feeling excited my eyebrows are up, when I’m anxious, they are down.

Might it be that simple?

If you want more, here are 1, 2, 3, articles that explain how to swap anxiety for excitement.

This week’s #wisdom_biscuit: Get excited!

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