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Be kind to yourself. And others.

 #wisdom_biscuit: Be forgiving. Of yourself. And others.

I received a text message from my buddy, Fritz. It was typed in letters from the Hebrew alphabet. But it was neither Hebrew nor Yiddish; it was Ladino.

Yiddish evolved from Middle German being written in Hebrew letters. Ladino is a similar blend of Spanish and Hebrew.

I could recognize “Rabbi Brian” at the top of what Fritz wrote and very little else.

I gave him hearty praise for his skills. Nonetheless, Fritz replied, “I am afraid I made a few too many grammatical errors.”

I wrote back, “I pray I would be as forgiving of all issues in my life as easily as I am able to overlook grammatical errors in phrases texted to me in Ladino.”

This made me think.

About me. And about Fritz. And about you.

  • How willing are we to forgive the mistakes others make?
  • How difficult a time do we have in allowing ourselves to not be perfect?

This newsletter is called The 77% Weekly for a reason. Life is not an honors course – it’s pass/fail. And, so long as you are breathing, doing more good than harm, and acting more compassionately every year


#wisdom_biscuit: Be forgiving. Of yourself. And others.

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