It is amazing how quickly our moments of wonder, enjoyment, connection, and love fade.

Yesterday, I was eating a truly delightful honeycrisp apple. The red surface, I noticed, was far from monochromatic – on it were a multitude of tiny, but exceedingly green dots. It was impossibly beautiful how the green and red mixed in these small places.

​​A moment, noticing the glory of nature, the wonder around and within me.

But that subtle, wonderful, magical, moment of majesty disappeared. Quickly. Without trace.

It wasn’t until later, when writing in my evening journal and answering a prompt about the best part of my day that I remembered it at all.

What will be the best part of your day? What will be the part of the day you will most remember?

I wonder why does the good leave so quickly while annoyances seem to linger?

A discussion with my friend Jill and her similar experience with zinnias spawned the meme: Why must the memory of zinnias enjoyed earlier fade so quickly?

Hold on to those beautiful, but fleeting moments.

Do whatever necessary to help you accentuate and remember whatever positive you can.

Collect them in your day as though your life depended on it.

Indeed, your life depends it.


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