One of my favorite “koans” about learning:

There are three frogs sitting on a lily pad. One decides to jump in the water. How many are on the lily pad?

The answer is three, not two. The one decided to jump in the water – we don’t know that it did.

The moral: deciding that you are going to do something isn’t the same as doing it. Knowing you should do something isn’t the same as committing to doing it.

On the opposite end is a quote by Hafiz:

At some point the fish as to say, “Something ain’t right about this camel ride, and I’m so darn thirsty.”

What the fish has that the frog doesn’t have is the realization that it is a matter of well-being, of life and death.

Which are you?

Are you the frog who has decided to do something (but actually doesn’t) or are you the fish who realizes that something must be done?

To me, your spiritual well being is like this.

Are you the frog: “I know I need to be more spiritually fit but I’m not doing much about it.”

or are you the fish, “I realize I need to be more spiritually fit and the time to do something about it is now.”

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