We are told often about the importance of diet and exercise in our lives. I’d like to think about diet and exercise in a spiritual-religious context.

With physical diet and exercise, we know that even if you aren’t on a specific diet, you still eat. We know that even if you don’t have a set (or even healthy) exercise routine, you still have an exercise practice.

Similarly, even if you don’t have a prescribed spiritual practice, you still have a spiritual practice.

For example, you have gratitude practice. Your gratitude practice is made up of the number of times a day you complain and the number of times a day you are thankful. It might not be a consciously chosen gratitude practice. It might not be a beneficial gratitude practice. But, it still is a gratitude practice.

Are you curious about your spiritual fitness?

I’ve created a spiritual fitness self-assessment to help.

In the coming months, I will be offering programs oriented towards helping you become more spiritually fit. I will be offering you a spiritual-diet and spiritual-exercises to help your spiritual practice.

It’s a rough time for many in this country right now. I believe a healthy spiritual practice can help lift us in the midst of fear and dread.

In the meanwhile, notice what you do in the face of your anxiety. Notice (not judge) how you find yourself comforting yourself – surfing the web, social media, checking email, binge watching shows, getting riled with the media, making plans, and keeping yourself busy. Those are all aspects of your current spiritual practice. Nothing that is super harmful. Just things that we do to self-sooth. And self-care is important.


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