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A fun, spiritual-religious hack to get you the things you want with zero expense. Or at the very least, a way to keep what you want at the forefront of your mind.


A tale of two marketings


Marketing falls into two categories: push and pull.
Push (like many advertisements) is when they come to you with an offer.
The opposite –
pull – is when you go out seeking something.
Push is the ice-cream truck playing music while it combs your streets. Pull you going to the ice-cream shop.  

As pull is an easier sale, push advertising, therefore, needs a trick up its sleeve  Push marketing attempts to convince us that the thing they have is something we really want.

Selling more than the product


How do you sell soap? By selling more than just the soap. Sell the soap and its packaging. Mad Men style.
In other words, marketers link feelings with their products.  It’s not just the jeans, the shampoo, the cola.
You are being sold on how you might feel when you have that product.
A quick leaf through a magazine tells me that products are being marketed to come with the following feelings:



  • Sexy or macho
  • Appreciation of quirkiness
  • Freedom to not care
  • Greatness
  • Ease and simplicity
  • Escape from the mundane
  • Limitless possibility




You can’t buy that


Here’s the amazing thing: none of the above are actually for sale.
All of the feelings are actually available without the products.

What people want more than the Lamborghini itself as a car is the feeling that they know is associated with owning a Lamborghini.

I’m not saying that it isn’t an amazing and awesome thing to treat yourself to something – to feel pampered and like you’re getting something you deserve. It can feel amazing to buy a new outfit. External stimulation changes our outlook, certainly. (I am always amazed at how getting my car washed makes me feel cleansed.)

You can feel any of the following – without the jeans, shampoo, or cola:



  • Sexy or macho
  • Appreciation of quirkiness
  • Freedom to not care
  • Greatness
  • Ease and simplicity
  • Escape from the mundane
  • Limitless possibility

Get the Feeling. Skip the Product.

There are Three Steps

  1. Identify the feeling being sold in the advertisement
  2. Mentally divorce the feeling in the packaging from the product being sold
  3. Claim that feeling



You can feel sexy or macho no matter what you wear. You can appreciate your quirkiness because you claim it. You can feel freedom to not care about the opinions of others based on your own sense of self. And so on.

Again, the steps: (1) Look at the thing being marketed to you as though your life was lacking something. (2) Analyze what feeling is being packaged with that salable item. (3) Claim that feeling



A $33.4-50K example

  1. Imagine an ad for a new BMW – starting at 33.4K. Now, imagine the one that costs $50K.
  2. The merchandising makes it seem as though this vehicle will put you in control of your world. Fantastic.
  3. Bypass the car and walk around like you are in control of the world

(What to do with the money you save? See below.)





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