Last Monday, you received issue 38/40 of this newsletter, which suggested that thoughtful gift-giving can curb this season from becoming the holidazes. A web-version of the article can be found here. What follows is an example of a symbolic gift you can print and give! Especially if you, like me, are a bit screen-addicted.



I suffer from being “on a screen” a bit more than I wish.

There are times that a loved one attempts to engage with me, and, instead of interacting, I allow myself to get sucked back into a-social media. 

This is not good. I do not want to ignore my loved ones. This is not living my life with my priorities in order.

To combat this problem, I have created a coupon for them to hand to me when I’m “zombified.” They simply hand me one of the stack of vouchers I gave them and it reminds me of my commitment to being engaged in actual reality. 

If you get lost on a screen instead of being present to loved ones in real life, I have a gift for you. 

Distribute it to your loved ones.  

(If you get the 77% Weekly Newsletter, you received the attachment on 12/11.)

You download, print, and give the certificates to them. 
(Or, you can forward this webpage and they print the certificates.)

When they would like your attention, they hand you a certificate.

Please be patient and kind to yourself (and them) about you learning to break your electronics addiction. Habits are hard to break.


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