Rabbi Brian’s Diary (later edited and cleaned up)


What happened

Moments ago, I was standing at the Pre-TSA security counter, drinking down the water portion of the ice-water in my insulated thermos. 

The blue-shirted Anthony engaged me in conversation while I paused between long drinks.

“You can also pour the water out.”

“I could, but then I wouldn’t get the water in my body.”

“I like how your, um, cap – your hat – stays on your head… what’s the word for that again? yamaha?”

“You are so close, it sounds like yamaha but with a k – yarmulke.”

“I like it.”

“I thank you, Anthony.”

Some Background

Every morning, I fill my canteen with ice and water. Many days, I refill it and drink more water. 

I know that I am much more likely to drink water if I carry my refillable water bottle with me.  Carrying the water around makes it much easier to accomplish my goal of drinking water. And, when I travel and carry a bag with 3-4 apples, I’m much more likely to eat apples. (I like carrying some apples when I fly.)

Similarly, the cap on my head provides me with a greater chance of engaging in spiritual-religious discussions and thoughts. 

Our routines (and what we carry with us) really does impact our lives.

Spiritual Practice 

For the next 48 hours, carry around a water bottle and, some of the time when you are drinking, contemplate water!

While you are drinking, think about the fact that your brain and heart are 73% water.  Drink in the water realizing that without you doing anything about it, the cells in your body that need hydration will take that hydration. Mentally relax a bit, if only for those moments, contemplating that physiologically, your system works, without your agency. Muse, when you drink water in the next 48 hours that the whole world too – your whole world – at least during those moments when you are drinking water, is also doing just fine with you controlling it.

Think about your spiritual fitness.
Drink some water.
And do things that help you to be more aware of this precious amazing life.

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