My Fun Theology Workbook

Rabbi Brian has written what may seem to some an oxymoron: a FUN theology book. This practical guide to being found by God is fanciful, adventurous and serious, all at the same time - like God. I highly recommend it for anyone who is ready to give God another...

P is For Patient Mini Course

Don't fear the vacuum of time and energy you will free up. Stop being complicit with hatred. Jedi-like Patience. In less than 20-minutes over five days. Srsly. It works. And it's guaranteed. I started with the “no thank you card.” Just by having it, I need it less. I...

Jesus, according to Rabbi Brian

Jesus’s messages are Jewish. Understanding how Jews see Jesus’s words is important. Rabbi Brian is a great teacher about JesusTOPICS:01 Despite what you keep getting told, what “born-again” actually means. 02 Jesus’s revolutionary message to bring down Caesar with...

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40 curiosity-satisfying, soul-nuturing messages (with a little spunk) from Rabbi Brian. Raw, honest, vulnerable reflections on faith/religion/spirituality. Without being dogmatic, pompous, or woo-woo. Or overly Jewy-McJewish.

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