The Saturday Service November 7, 2020

Podcast Notes

0:001:35 – 251st day of COVID joke (BOOO) greetings, salutations, etc.

1:35 –  3:04 – announcements – thanks, Toni Anne!, week off, feeling refreshed, Favorite thing she said “Subtle idea of connecting , watching the British bake off with the desire to stay healthy, what are you influencing in your mind (always in the process of becoming)”

3:055:16 – last week review, alive? Have you learned something in the past week? Poll attendees.  Hope! A few different shades of patience (Betsy Ann), could just be still in the middle of chaos (Marcus)

5:179:11 – answer we receive is a factor in our becoming.  Eg: How are you?  Response depends on environment. What happens if we answer the question differently than what we expect?  When we hear someone say “How are you”, sometimes we reach for how we have been wronged.  If you could choose the category to respond, how would you answer it?  Depends on who is asking?

9:129:47 – how are you blessed?  HOMEWORK!

9:4810:51 – 3 ways to help ROTB: get this part out of the way!  1.  Tell peeps 2.  Go shopping in the ETSY store 3.  Donate!

10:5213:30 – Quoteth Rabbi Brian:  Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the right action arrives by itself.  How patient do you find yourself today vs this week (pick a number for each)?  What is your patience level at this moment (number) vs. What it was last week (#)?

13:3114:15 – How many peeps are trending more patient today? If not, it will happen.  The mud will settle.  Patience will arise.

14:1618:24 – Quoteth Rabbi Brian (a few quotes): how can I have the first 6 week lessons planned (to student interns advisor) if I haven’t met the students?  Need to know who is showing up in class.  Need to make assessment as to what students know.  Same as prepping for services, notes are there, but not sure how long each note will take.  You can prep as much as possible, but it may not work out that way. Why?

18:2523:24 – THIS HAPPENS LIVE! (On a note). Comments from Peanut Gallery. JUST F***IN SIT THERE! Takes Practice.  How many people JFST vs flossing teeth (comparison)?

23:2525:25 – You need an extra weight in your bottom in order to stay straight (even keel)- Ballast comparison.

25:2631:00 – breakout rooms: QUESTION: What are the things that gives us ballast?  What about false ballast (think they give us ballast and they don’t).

31:0136:20 – Media orgs have called the US Federal Election – return to main room. Conversation around hope and reluctance to feel joy.  Rabbi: Restricted Joy 🙂 . 

36:2144:04 – We think that certainty will give us ballast, however, would you think that thinking would give you ballast? Review comments in the breakout rooms: Being Present Results Practice Coming to Saturday Service Gathering in a group – connections to others Boundaries LOVE is a buoy (nautical reference)

44:0548:58– ETSY item de semaine and discussion: Meditation Maaaagic book quote: It’s as easy as JFST plus guesses (in book page). How can we stay fully present in the moment even while being emotional and admitting it?

48:5951:19 – notes from James: Nagy quote: One “lit” candle can light a thousand other candles. Promo for James’ book: Write our Wrongs. Link to book in newsletter (https://www.amazon.com/Write-Our-Wron…) .

51:20 – 53:40: Write to James!  James Wilson #AU-5200 High Desert State Prison / A3-243 PO Box 3030 Susanville CA 96127 No stickers, no glitter, up to one book of stamps, 20 postcards at a time.

53:4156:20 – 2 other announcements:  virtual donuts after the service,  start 5 programs by Thanksgiving, Big Impacts Easy to do Spiritual Fitness, up to 49 screens, zoom service.

56:2158:35– Quoteth Rabbi Brian: We raise the volume of our voice to make up for the distance of our hearts. That will be our ballast.

58:36: BYE!

Saturday Service November 2020_1

Nov 30, 2020

Saturday Service November 2020_1

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