The Saturday Service November 28, 2020

Podcast Notes

Toni Anne! (Fozzie Bear theme)
00:0005:50 – Toni Anne: Welcome – encourage people to connect in the time of COVID. Healing Prayers to people who are recovering or in hospital for surgery. How is everyone doing? Thanks to Jo and Leigh and RB for moderating and taking notes (RB subbing for Alex).
05:5110:14 – Announcements: MEDITATION: https://www.facebook.com/rabbibrian ETSY ITEM OF THE WEEK https://www.etsy.com/listing/90872776… ETSY SHOP https://www.etsy.com/shop/RabbiBrian SUPPORT https://rotb.org/support/ 1. Weekday meditation and testimonials from attendees 2. Buy things from the Etsy shop: Item du jour: Able to read Hebrew, 7 sessions gift certificate ($108.00). Bargain! 3. Make a donation to ROTB so Rabbi Brian can offer free programming like the pants less Saturday Service.
10:1539:00 – Toni Anne: exercise and book: “More Than Enough: Living Abundantly of a Culture of Excess” (https://www.amazon.ca/More-than-Enoug…). Can you share what “Enough” means to you, in a culture of excess? Eg: Food, Manna falling from Heaven, etc. Discussion. Good quote from Zoom chat: “when you don’t feel the need to be going anywhere/doing anything beyond being where you are/doing what you’re doing.” – Jonathan Lax – Remembering the parable of Stone soup where community gathers to share. (https://documents.wfp.org/stellent/gr…) – Toni Anne remarked that we have a Spiritual Stone Soup going on Saturdays. – Perhaps pondering “What am I afraid of?” Because that causes people to acquire more till they feel safe again. – Toni Anne played Joy and Heron (4:15) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lo-8… – Discussion about what people think “enough” means. – What’s ‘excess’, what’s ‘abundance’? Excess connects us to discontent; abundance connects us to joy and community, generosity. – Toni Anne: Rabbinic tradition: “Who is rich? Whosoever it is who is content with what they have.” – Toni Anne: “Some people are so poor all they have is money.” – How does this play out in the Holiday season of giving? Black Friday sales? Should we donate instead?
39:0157:10 – Toni Anne: pondering being an end of life doula and studying for it. How can I give now, while people are still alive? How can I say think you to people I am grateful for? Like RB: message him to say Thank You. – https://padlet.com/toniannereynolds/R… – Post something there to say Thank You to RB. – Discussion: Bob: send out Love to everyone, regardless of who they are. Blessings to all. – Carol: Don’t reward with $$, reward with appreciation – Carol: Love is an action word. It’s a behaviour, not just a feeling. More than just Woo Woo stuff (quoteth RB 🙂 ) – Toni Anne: the room that we love the most in the house, how do I bring more life into it? – We all know what abundance feels like, how do we turn this into a fruitful time for ourselves and the people we love? – “Be a Care Bear, tell people the truth while you can.”
57:11 – BYE!

Saturday Service November 2020_4

Nov 30, 2020

Saturday Service November 2020_4

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