The Saturday Service December 12, 2020

Podcast Notes

00:0006:19 – Romper Room welcome. Dec 12, 2020. Words of 2020: “Zoom”, “Pandemic”, “social distancing”, “Unprecedented” “Covidiot”, “Fascism”, “Pod”, “Cohort”, “Bubble”. What do you say when someone says “How are you”, can we reflect on this and turn it into a moment of kindness and say “How AM I”
06:2017:29 – REPORTS FROM THE FIELD: “What’s it like being kind without liking the person/situation”?
Logic exercise “It takes a fixed amount of time for a person to leave A and arrive at B. Let “t” be a variable of that exact amount of time. Is it advantageous in a travel tense about matters beyond one’s control?” discussion –
Quote: “Almost 80% of a religious/spiritual/faith is comprised of Acts of loving kindness” – agree/disagree? Discussion. Yeeaaaaah, noooooo…. “Same doodoo (shit), different shovel”
17:3026:29 any testimonies from people. People shared good and bad stories.
26:3032:01 – Backwards quote (Thanks for that, rB, make me think…): “Let your mind be like a mirror. Grasp nothing. Reject nothing. Receive it all. Keep none.” – Chuang Zhu. Discussion. “Process of cultivating goodness of heart is not easy, but it has to be done.” – Michael – Constant practice.
32:0241:30 – Taking up something that is hard to do because you can (Like climbing Mount Everest or taking up the French Horn). 1-2-3-4-5 (1= brand new at it, 2=hand holding, 3=teacher hints, 4=self hints, 5=fluid). It’s like every skill we do. When we are stressed, we fall back a level.
How many people have to practice at being patient, for example? If you are stressed, you can fall back a level and need a reminder to take a breath. John Reid should listen at this minute… (rB told me to type that…)
41:3145:06 – Announcements: TELL A FRIEND!!! Don’t tell them we have free candy, that’s just creepy…
SUPPORT – pass the electronic Yarmulke https://rotb.org/empowersupport/
ETSY ITEM OF THE WEEK – Now, Learn to Read Hebrew!
45:0756:50 : Touching Fireside Christmas story from rB. (Transcript)
56:5159:30 : Virtual donuts announcement, after the session. James’ birthday is Dec 20.
James Wilson #AU-5200
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PO Box 3030 Susanville CA 96127
His Birthday is 12/20

Saturday Service December 2020_2

Jan 18, 2021

Saturday Service December 2020_2

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