The Saturday Service December 26, 2020

Podcast Notes

Toni Anne! (Bourée, Jethro Tull)
00:00 – 13:04 – Thanks to contributors and note the Transcriptions for Closed Caption at the bottom of the screen. Happy holidays! Last Saturday service for 2020 in the year of disconnection. Toni Anne commented on the fact that she doesn’t know people on the chat very well so she wanted to start an exercise to turn cameras off (on Zoom) and ask a few questions, which, if they apply to you, turn your camera back on then turn it back off.
Are you retired?
Full time student?
Work in Finance or banking?
Healing trade?
Teacher or instructor?
13:05 – 23:01 – Take a mental note of how diverse this group is, and take note of the fact that we all show up for each other. Minute to highlight the year. Link in chat, open in Incognito mode, go to https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J… . Or stick it in chat if you don’t want to answer anonymously.
What do you want to cultivate in/around yourself the coming year?
Name one area of your spiritual life that has been helped by RoTB programming? (A habit, relationship, perspective, etc.
What topics, exercises, questions, _, would you like to explore at the Saturday Service?
23:02 – 26:24 – Announcements.
  1. Tell your friends about the service. Forward your friends the newsletter
  2. Make a donation to partner with rB on creating ROTB magic
  3. By something at the ROTB ETSY store. (The stained glass nightlights are new.)
ETSY SHOP + Stained Glass
ETSY ITEM OF THE WEEK https://rotb.org/hebrew/
7-sessions to learning Hebrew
YOUTUBE ARCHIVE OF THE SATURDAY SERVICE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v22m
TUESDAY GROUP (different Zoom line) Alex will send out a PM to people who want it.
26:25 – 1:04:00 – What can we envision collectively in the New Year. Discussion. (In transcript. Yes, I’m that lazy today, sorry 🙂 .). Talking about what brings up here and what makes us a great collective. What kinds of spectrums are we coming from?
1:04:01 – 1:07:00 – Thanks and farewells.

Saturday Service December 2020_4

Jan 18, 2021

Saturday Service December 2020_4

Jan 18, 2021 | Rabbi_Brian_Podcast