Religion Outside The Box

Rabbi Brian reframes religion to be approachable. And, fun.


While I had rational explanations at the time as to why I was going to rabbinical school, none really satisfied. Why would rational, humanist from New York City who never believed in God do such a thing? 

After leaving organized religion, I became a high school mathematics teacher and learned the importance of patience, positivity, compassion, and having someone believe in you.

Incorporating these lessons with wicked amounts of honesty, I started a blog to share the answers I found, and my stuggles finding them. 

My thought pieces became The 77% Weekly Newsletter — helping a few thousand readers, 40/52 weeks a year prioritize their spiritualigious lives.

Now, just past 50 years old, I know why I became a rabbi—because starting a religious revolution works better when you are an iconoclast with a good title.


Religion Outside The Box is a different way of thinking about religion.

Religion Outside The Box wants to empower you to lead on your spiritualigious live.

Religion Outside The Box is filled with folk who feel somewhat chaffed by organized religion.

Religion Outside The Box only uses the G.O.D. word to refer to (the) God (of your understanding). Nothing more. Nothing less.

Religion Outside The Box has 1,000’s of memebers all over the world. None of whom have all the answers.

Religion Outside The Box is made up of Jews, non-Jews, Catholics, ex-Mormons, a bunch of Canadians, and even a few lawyers. Many members never thought they would have a rabbi in their lives.

Religion Outside The Box is kinda cool. And, I’m glad you’re here.

*Two Spiritualigious Thoughts 06/25/22*

1. "Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths." — Etty Hillesum

2. There is a skill of learning to be mad without being mean.
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Well, this happened at the end of the ceremony.

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At what point does their level of assdumbedness
warrant our being obnoxious to them in return?

(I think the answer is never, no?)


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The 77% Weekly Newsletter

1. How to Deal With Impossible People    2. Rabbi Brian’s Notes About Mourning





The 77% Weekly Newsletter

1. How to Deal With Impossible People    2. Rabbi Brian’s Notes About Mourning