Practical wisdom you will use.

A 6-session course – starting November 10, 2016

Spiritual, But Not Religious?

Want to explore some way to do that? ​Can I interest you in a toolbox of wisdom?

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This class will change your life.
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Practical wisdom you will use.

A 6-session course – starting November 10, 2016

A little about you.​

You are smart enough. You are emotionally intelligent enough. You are fit enough. And, while you might not be “perfect” in any of these categories, you know enough about them and what you would need to do if you wanted to improve your physical, emotional, or intellectual life.​ You know pretty much what your options are for dealing with them.​ But, when it comes to your spiritual-religious life, you are not quite as smart. This could be for a lot of reasons, but bottom line: you want to live a more virtuous life – gratitude, more love, more connection, less anger, less resentment – and you could use a little help.​

A little about me.​

I’m Rabbi Brian. I have been running Religion-Outside-The-Box for 10 years. In that time, I have helped thousands with their spiritual-religious lives in a non-dogmatic, non-woo-woo way. I am ordained as a rabbi and also hold a masters degree (and won some awards) as an educator. I am able to explain spiritual-religious concepts in digestible ways that are engaging and memorable. I love teaching. The approach that I have developed will help you be empowered in your spiritual-religious life.

Human & Web technology.

I am going to help you with your spiritual life using various human technologies (tips, hacks, and techniques). And, I’m going to do so using web technologies (video, audio, chat). You can join via your computer, tablet or phone (smart or landline – but, you can’t see me from the landline!) And, you retain your human control – you don’t have to participate or be seen or chat or talk.

The advantage of a live class.​

You know the value of a live class. It’s real, it’s meaningful. You are more invested. It’s live. This class is packed with dimensions that you just can’t get from a newsletter, a book, or a pre-recorded class. This class is interactive, something to experience.

The power of a group.

It’s not just you and me in the class. There is a group of us. And, there is power in a group learning together. You will be able to interact, live with other. You will hear other people’s questions and, if you want, to hear feedback to what you express. There is a group discussion board where you can get from others their experience, strength, and hope. And, you will be have the opportunity to have  accountabilibuddies – members to whom you can hold yourself accountable.


The tools you will get won’t change you or your external reality so much. What these tools will give you is slightly different, powerful change of perspective. It’s like that perspective that an outsider can give you on something you just couldn’t see before. But, the change is within you.

Let me put it this way: you aren’t going to change your theology. That is, if you don’t believe in God, you aren’t suddenly going to. (And, if you believe in God, you aren’t suddenly not going to.) This class will not change what you see, but it will change how you see what you see. I think of it like glasses – glasses don’t change that you see, but they can give you a sharper image and reduce a little eye strain. You will leave this class a little more clarity and improved spiritual-religious fitness.

The Tools.

Think about the phrase, “if you teach a person to fish…” You know what that phrase means (and you don’t even need the whole phrase to know what it means). By the end of the 6 lessons, you will spiritual-religious wisdom and ways to remember them.

You will get a heightened sense of awareness. Not in some cosmic type of way, but in a way in which you feel you are more active, and alive. Paradoxically, you will also get experiences of surrender and acceptance with reality. You will get quotes, lessons, bromides, factoids, mess, exercises, and morals that will stick with you and help you to make wise decisions.

I’m going to share with you the best tools I know to have an active, wonderful spiritual-religious life.


How this works

If you can see these words, congratulations! You have all the technical skills needed to access the different modules of this class.

All you need is the ability to access your email and either the phone or internet. 

This is what each week looks like:

• Preparation
You receive an e-mail inviting you to prepare for the week’s topic. (How much preparation you do is up to you.)

• Live
On Thursdays at 5pm Pacific | 8pm Eastern – we will convene for about an hour. I’ll be live on the web. You can access via telephone, tablet, or computer. (If you want to see the screen, you’ll need a smart phone or better – but audio only is OK.) No matter how you access, you will have a chance to ask questions, interact, chat, and text as we explore the week’s topic.

• Reflection
After classes, exercises and practice will be suggested.

No Homework

You will have the plenty of practice opportunities. But, you don’t have to do them. I do not believe in homework. (I’ve taught all the way up AP Calculus without assigning busy work.) I guarantee positive effects of this class without you doing anything more than showing up to each of the six sessions. As Fritz Perls said, “Awareness, in and of itself, is transformational.” And, he is right. (Of course, if you want to get more out of the class, I give you material you can prepare and practice.)

Can’t make it? If you miss a session…

I get it. Schedules are rough. If you can’t be at the live session, I’ll have it recorded and at the ready for you to when you can. (Hey, this is a technology driven course, we can get the technology to help.)


This 6-session class is $20.
I know, that’s a low price.

The cost of the course is at the level of “impulse-buy” because:

  • When the class is filled within a week of this offer, I can feel great and not have to worry about signing people up.
  • Without sounding like a religious-zealot, I want to do this work with as many people as possible
  • It’s hard to put a price on wisdom and I don’t want price to be an issue
  • I want you to not even have to consider this. I want you to register immediately
  • I have never used the technology to handle 65 people before and I’m trying it out

If $20 is an issue for you, send me an e-mail, and I’ll be certain we can work something out.

I wanted the price of this to be much higher because:

  • My ego and greed
  • I don’t want anyone to infer from the low price that this course is anything less magical and wonderful
  • People tend to learn more when they are more invested and monetary buy-in is not insignificant

Nonetheless, this class is $20 for all 6 sessions.


If you don’t like it, here is your no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

OK, that’s not exactly true, I will probably ask why. But, you don’t have to answer. I will refund your money before I ask. You’ll get your money back even if you don’t answer. That seems fair enough.

SBNR Toolbox $20

November 10-Dec 22



Practical wisdom you will use.

A 6-session course – starting November 10, 2016

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