Clergy Only Group

Let’s dive in to the pool. Clergy only.

We clergy have some different issues to deal with. And a lot of the same ones to deal with, but some BIG differences.

We have some advantages: we are comfortable with talking about discernment, realizations, epiphanies, and God.

But there are issues ofprojection, fallibility,inauthenticity,messes in your theology that are different. And, what do you do when your theology has issues?

I am running small groups for clergy only.
The group is designed to help you get at that thing that is bothering you as a clergy person.
Even if you can’t exactly word that thing yet. (I can help you with that – this is what I do.)

I’d like to promise that after onesession,you will feel be reunited with what got you into this ministry in the first place.I can’t promise that. I can’t promise you will ever feel reunited with what got you into this ministry in the first place. Not even after 15 sessions couldI promise it.Although I’ve had great success with helping clergy folkdoing just that, I can’t promise it will happen for you. What I can tell you is that theodds of you winning the lottery go up greatly when you buy a ticket.And, I can tell you that whenyou and I work with the group as best as we can, we get you that lottery ticket.

I would also like to tell youthat participation in thisgroup will be easy, transformative,with no side-effects. But, Icannot assure you of that, either.Some of thisprocess can be unpleasant – insights can baffle, change is often uncomfortable. We are dealing with things of mystery, after all.

What I want to do for you is what I’ve done with about a dozen clergy folk over the years – help youfind re-authorization and re-centering in your role as a clergy person.

I love groups. There is something magical about them. (I’ve been trained by the AKRice Institute for the study of social systems.) Things happen in groups that don’t happen just one-on-one. The power of groups borders on magical. The unconscious often moves people to do work that they themselves didn’t know that they were there to do.

I’ve been through this part of the forest with different clergy folk.
It’s different every time.
But, I know it is magical.
And I am certain you will agree that it will have been worth it.

If you are NOT a clergy person but interested
in a spiritual-breakthrough-group with
results for non-clergy people, wonderful.
Click here.


  • 3-6 members only. If you are the first to sign up from your faith tradition, I will work with you to make certain that you are comfortable with any other people added from your “fishbowl.” That is, I will not add another UCC minister if you are a UCC minister without your approval.
  • Private FB group for inter-meeting support
  • Individual check-in sessions with Rabbi Brian to help you figure out what you are working on
  • Text/phone support with Rabbi Brian between meetings
  • Monthly 60-minute group sessions via technology
  • Six month initial requirement
  • 2nd Wednesday of the month
  • Starting December 14th.
  • 9-10pm EST • 6-7pm PST


There are two ways to calculate value. (1) You can put a price-tag on all of the logistical values listed above. And then you compare the price you deem the total of services to be worth to the price of the group. (2) You can put a price-tag on the results that I am offering you, below. And then you compare the price deem the results to be worth to the price of the group. In either case, I do believe that this group will be a wonderful value to you.

Results you will get:

  • You will get an open, safe place to explore those issues that you’ve tucked away and know you need to look at
  • You will get a chance to clear up your desire to be loved by God and your current theology
  • You will get to look at guilt and find a place to be affirmed in who you are
  • You will get to talk about your calling with people who understanding
  • You get to bounce ideas off colleagues you don’t know and hear perspectives from people outside of your usual cohort
  • You get support and growth – in the most important of all places – your relationship with (the) God (of your understanding)
  • Your anxiety will go down

You and I working together (and with a group for support)will help you achieve re-authorization and re-centering in your role as a clergy person.

If you do not feel you get your money’s worth, I will promptly refund whatever it is that you ask for. I do ask you to be a part of the group for the initial 6 months


One closed group running.

12/14/16 through 5/10/17 • 2nd Wednesday of the month. • 9-10pm EST • 6-7pm PST
Click here to express interest in future groups

Groups aren’t always just “open.” Patience sometimes required.