Hang with Rabbi Brian + amazing friends

Learn from participating in Rabbi Brian’s creative + fun religious thought-experiments

Friday’s topics: forgiveness + atonement

This is deep good stuff. 

I really hope you can be there. These live talks are my life’s work, after all. (Does that evoke too much guilt, or just the right amount? Too much, right?)

Friday, October 4, 2019

Live in via the web or live in Portland, Oregon



  • Access ROTB_live from your device

  • I agree it would be better if we spend less time on technology, but this is a religious exemption

  • All (12+) are welcome. Best for those 28+.

  • Bring your own snacks 

I’ve been running High Holy Day services for 20+ years. Every year it gets more open, organic, and spiritual. 

I’ve done away with the book entirely and now run services from notes and from the heart.

My style is enjoyed by many Unitarians, Catholics, Jews, 12-steppers, Canadians, some lawyers and the occasional engineer.

Rabbi Brian

Religion Outside The Box, ROTB.org

In portland

October 4, 2019

7pm Gathering

7:10 Officially start

9:10 Done. Guaranteed.

  • Can you be in SE this Friday evening?

  • Bring any snack/beverage to share

  • Religion Outside The Box. Live. Fabulous.

  • All (12+) are welcome

  • Suggested donation $10-$20/person

  • Religious thought-experiments

  • Prizes!

Mt. Tabor Community Space
5441 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215