Friday Night – October 7, 2016

Spiritual-Religious. Reflection. Community.

If you are looking for a spiritual-religious experience the Friday Night between Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur, please come. I welcome you. It’s a free service. No Hebrew, no affiliation, no theology required. Just a groups of adults (12 and older only, please) gathering together as the summer fades into fall, trying together to make sense of this thing called life. Please join us. Challah and honey will be provided. We do the service by candle light.

I’m Rabbi Brian of Religion-Outside-the-Box. I’ve been running “different” High Holy Day services since 5755 (it’s going to be 5777– 16 years). Every year the service is more open, organic, real, and spiritual. No formal prayers, no Hebrew. The service is run by candle light and from the heart.

Location Map

6pm gathering. Friday night, October 7, 2016. Service starts at 6:15.

Casual attire. Meet under the metal structure behind Hollyrood School at the Northeast corner of Grant Park. PDX. (Sunset will be  at 6:40)

Bring a camping or other type of chair to sit on.

Contemplate the universal themes of forgiveness, at-one-ment, death, and love. Part Dharma-talk, part rebbe’s tisch, part introspection, part group sharing, part contemplation. (You don’t need to share if you do not want to.)

If you’ve never been to a High Holy Service before, are curious, or if you usually attend somewhere else, come. We will conclude by 8:15.


Erika RuberI have always loved this time of year.  I love that the Jewish New Year and these 10 Holy days coincides with a time that I often feel reflective and thoughtful.  Gathering with Rabbi Brian last year was such a wonderful way to thoughtfully examine the meaning of these holidays – this time of year in the Jewish calendar.  Rabbi Brian offered a meaningful approach to creating ritual that I got so much out of.
Erika R. (NE Portland)

Bill ZuelkeLast year as a favor to a friend, I attended Rabbi Brian’s High holy day services, held in a local park. Being a life long catholic, I am no stranger to ritual and its potential for helping us find the way to holiness. Also being catholic I had no idea what to expect. I was blessed by the experience, nurtured and challenged. It will not lightly be pulled from its place on my calendar for this year and the future.
Bill Z. (NE Portland)


I hope to see you there,

With love,

Rabbi Brian

Location Map

October 7, 2016. 6pm-8:15.
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