Learn-A-Thon to Promote Spiritual Fitness
The learn-a-thon happened. It was amazing.


The learn-a-thon is happening now.

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Gain spiritual fitness in educational modules tailored for adult learners.
New spiritual fitness topics every 15-minutes.
On Saturday, June 9, 2018, you are asked to track every bit of wisdom you gain. Every bit of wisdom gained promotes Religion-Outside-The-Box goal of promoting spiritual fitness.

ROTB has a goal that participants will gain a combined 416 bits of wisdom during the six-hour learn-a-thon.

As participants gain wisdom, they also have the opportunity to raise money to promote Religion-Outside-The-Box’s mission of promoting spiritual fitness.

Join in on Saturday,
June 9!


Promote Spiritual Fitness.

From 10am-4pm PST | 1pm-7pm EST, every 15-minutes, Rabbi Brian will be live on the web presenting different spiritual lessons and bits of wisdom. Web-classroom is open to all who seek wisdom.

Patience • Gratitude • Forgiveness • Learning • Acceptance • God • Purpose • Love • Surrender • Anger • Meditation • Perspective • Religion • Kindness • Sin • Soul • Change • Joy • Spaciousness • Spirituality

Topics Covered

Learn more as you participate in Rabbi Brian’s Learn-a-Thon to benefit spiritual fitness.




Gain bits of wisdom.
Raise $.
Earn prizes.

Prizes? Yes. Prizes.

The more bits of wisdom you get,

the more money you raise,

the more spiritual fitness,

the better prizes you can claim.

Join in on Saturday,
June 9!


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Religion-Outside-The-Box’s Learn-A-Thon to promote spiritual fitness raises both wisdom and money to bring spiritual nourishment to adults – like me!

You can sponsor me for an amount per bit of wisdom accumulated or you can name a maximum amount that you are willing to contribute. (FB is best at flat amounts). After the Learn-A-Thon on June 9, I will tell you how many bits of wisdom I accumulated and collect your contribution.

(Of course, if you want, I will share with you some of the wisdom I learned.)

All contributions are tax-deductible.

New spiritual fitness topics every 15-minutes.

Join in on Saturday,
June 9!


Jared Stuart omadaspuh@icloud.com
I went into it with no expectations, just open to anything. Found that for Rabbi Brian, wisdom doesn’t only come from traditional Rabbinic sources, and although I felt some disappointment because of that, I still got a lot of good food from his broader studies. Heck, I’m so trained and ingrained now from Chabad that some of Rabbi Brian’s teaching seemed heretical even!!! Lol it was good to shake me up and wake me up to the wisdom of the world, if you know what I mean, it’s not all about Rabbis to this Rabbi Brian. I found him to be engaging, interesting, and he made me laugh. It is good to take in some wisdom bits from the ancient to modern sources that you don’t find on Chabad.org! Yes, I had to admit I learned from diverse sources, but since I went in with no prejudice I was able to soak up the brief lessons. It left me wanting more! Hope he does it again soon, maybe with 1/2 hour lessons next time? Jared Stuart
Maureen Bailey queenjojo57@yahoo.com
My gift was in the learning. I always thought I was grateful or knew about gratitude but obviously I was mistaken. The complaining mixed with it opened my eyes. Thought I complained in silence or to myself, but wrong again. Thank you for opening my eyes. I am truly grateful for things in my life but will certainly watch the complaining. Even to myself. Hasn’t helped me at all.
Thanks for everything.
Alex Taylor alex@warmfuzzy.com
Hi Rabbi Brian,
I apologize for not answering yesterday. My computer has been down (not complaint, just fact) all weekend because I got a new one (gratitude) and I’ve been trying to copy the contents of my 1TB hard drive from the old to the new and it hasn’t been working.  While the machines have been copying, I’ve had two computers offline, and so I’ve been using my iPhone and iPads for email.  I type so much better on my computer that I ended up waiting to reply.  (The new computer still isn’t up, so I’m using the old one and going to get help from Apple to try and get the migration done.)
I love, love, loved the Learn-A-Thon from an educational perspective.  Had I not had to go to my friend’s grandson’s graduation party, I probably would have stayed for the entire event.  It was really, really cool.
Like you said, I think 15 minutes per topic might be a little short on some things.  On the other hand, it did make each topic really digestible.  I hope you recorded all of your talks and plan to post them somewhere.  I wanted Scott and my friend Bob to see your talk on religion and Judaism.  I think the topic of sin would be especially interesting to Bob, since he was raised Catholic.
The only thing I didn’t like as much was the idea of going to ask people for pledges.  I found it really difficult.  I was going to list all the reasons, but then decided against it because I don’t want to be overly critical of your approach Just because something doesn’t work well for me doesn’t mean it doesn’t work well for everybody.  For me, asking for pledges from other people was more than I could do.  I will be sending you a donation, just as soon as my paycheck arrives.
Again, not complaining, just fact – I feel like I’ve been incredibly overwhelmed with all that’s going on in my life.  I felt like the couple of hours I spent in your Learn-A-Thon was a lot like sitting on a tropical island where I could sip pina coladas margaritas (I like those better) and forget about all my problems for a while.
So, good job on the Learn-A-Thon, and I hope that you do more stuff like it.  It was really cool.
And of course seeing your smiling face and getting to hang out with you (even if it’s just virtually) is always fun.
– Alex
Shary Stephen s.stephen003@gmail.com
My non processed reflections. This is what u want, I hope…..
I needed a better cushioned chair! You obviously are non union as u took no recess or lunch breaks!  I didn’t see u sipping coffee or Red Bull so your energy must have come from within, which I already know. U always looked animated and engaged ; the odd glitch didn’t really faze or derail you either.
I found so much obvious but forgotten info…it all seems to mesh to make a happier more grounded human being.  Since life isn’t a dress rehearsal, why not have the best run and use these tools.  While some may be obvious, not all have been to me: the question can be more impt than the answer.  If u want to be a kind person, then do kind things….there’s an obvious hidden truth. Not everyone I meet or have to interact with has a great set of life tools; these ones help me cope with this fact without alienating them: thinking of the rules for being angry at someone.
I would love to have had these skills when I was a young parent to teach my kids. But now I can tell my kids and grandkids and have a discussion, so it’s all good.
My age group is meeting change all the time. It’s like Who Moved the Cheese story : change is inevitable so prepare. The change graph helps do that and is quite motivating. Chosen change is usually the best kind.
The idea one can ‘be in the moment’ for surprises is a different idea for me: foreign actually.  A huge difference between my professional training and my spouse’s modus operandus.  He probably enjoys life more!  I’m thinking a lot about this. (Lack of preparedness almost equals irresponsibility , to me, but I’m thinking about it…). (But I’m also not a US President going into a crucial meeting allegedly unprepared.) (But I shouldn’t bring politics in.)
Sin is a different concept for me. Ur philosophy made sense to me but it’s not smtg I hear much about tho that old song. _ Heaven’s just a sin away….ohhhh just a sin away,…” cane to my mind.  I didn’t write many notes.
The entire event was so great. The time flew despite my thinking I should be hungry.  It was uplifting. Motivating and just sooo good.
I appreciate my husbands spontaneity & flexibility more; a paradigm shift happened.  I guess I need to hear stuff like this more often!
Five minutes are long up.
Since I’m a little confused Re prizes,
Here are my choices, in order.
* The PDF
* The Wisdom Module ~ all but Freedom
* The Wisdom Course ~ both topics
*  7 Favourite Prayers
I have no idea how you add up numbers or credits , so just stop when I reach whatever the number is. Surprise me!  (See, I’m learning quickly!)
Thank-YOU!  The 8 sessions made a difference in my life ; this one has made a much bigger one.  Lucky me!  Thanks for ur high level of organization  to make this possible. Well done, rabbi Brian!  ___
I hope you felt good about it. I can’t imagine all the hours of prep behind the scenes.
One final thot: it was like that cave man and shadows and fire and seeing outside the cave: one is changed.
Merci beaucoup.  Gracias mucho.
~ Shary
Bonnie Crane bcrane4@cox.net
Hi rB,
I enjoyed the format with the 15 minute sessions very much. I thought you did an excellent job of presenting the material in a way we could all understand and loved all the examples. I found out how much I really don’t know which isn’t a bad thing; I just have a lot of learning to do. _
Michael and Mr. Hayes both walked past the camera a couple of times during the learn-a-thon. Michael was in the living room semi- listening. He is shy like me. We don’t always like to be on camera..__
Thank you again. I know it was a long day for you because I was tired and didn’t spend any where near the time that you did. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend with the family!
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