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  • Feel renewed peace
  • Watch one, two, or three videos
  • Learn about PARADOXICALITY and how this spiritual tool can help you live with answers you have and discover answers you never considered
  • Get a message about your purpose from (the) God (of your understanding)


Watch when you want. On any device. Three seperate videos. All easily accessed. Plus links to download the poems & quotes.

Unlock ancient wisdom

Paradoxicality is an ancient idea that you can apply practically to existing problems.

Hear from God!

Well, kinda. Yeah, actually. At the end of each video there is a wonderful thought experiment that will get you a sense of having heard from God.

What you get:

  • 3 videos
    • A live recording of the 6pm EST gathering (59:28 with the camera follows whoever is speaking.)
    • A live recording of the 6pm PST gathering (1:14:52 with a brady-bunch style of lots of screens into people lives.)
    • A special re-recording of all the material from the event, but it’s only you and me. I teach you about paradoxicality, religious empowerment, and God in what feels somewhere between one-on-one coaching and an episode of Mr. Roger’s. This 25 minute segment is one of my most favorites. I will coach you in a thought experiment to get a message from (the) God (of your understanding).
  • Links
    • Poems and quotes used in the service

What People Are Saying

Hey, I think it was one of the best services I have ever put together. But don’t just take it from me, here are some other folk’s opinions.

I was not sure what to expect (Mike explained it to me as an interactive livecast of your Rosh Hashana sermon) but I kind of found the spiritual focus refreshing to the typical Rabbi Rosenthalbergblum’s sermon you get in synagogue that will inevitably touch on sweetness of the new year, Israel and the current political climate, reminders to repent so God keeps you down in the Book of Life, Men’s Club happenings etc etc. (an easy way to instantly lose your audience).

I like how you can turn so many people of infinitely different paths and experiences on to Judaism with the idea of using God as a tool to examine thyself – essentially what Jews have been doing since the Renaissance (but I’ve noticed you also have a way of reaching those who do take bible/Torah in a more literal sense). You give the goyim in the audience a VERY useful avenue to ponder Judaism, and you give the agnostic Jews in the audience who have renounced religion (in particular, my sister Cassie’s finance Danny) a chance to explore it in a logical and practical way.

William (& Dana)

Spiritually fruitful.
Socially decedent.
Nutritious and tasty.

Michael Sadowitz


The service in a word.

I didn’t know how an e-gathering like that would go. I enjoyed it lots and felt moved by how much realer it was than traditional services. Feeding babies, dogs barking, side convos and wine refills…Cosmic Mother is in that stuff and we so rarely get to see it. So, thanks for pulling the curtain back a bit so that could rise in my awareness.
I am looking forward to the next one.

Rev. Toni Reynolds

My mind was blown. I’m digesting the information still.
Nancy Brown

I thoroughly enjoyed the service for several reasons… I enjoyed the sense of community you were able to create over technology with different folks from all parts of the continent.
I also loved the poem “The Place Where We Are Right.” My husband and I separated at the beginning of this summer after 17 years. From the first day of separation, I purposely committed to not caring if I was right. My entire outlook has been I would rather be happy than right – knowing that “being right” would mean a long drawn out battle that would benefit no one in the end, including me or our children. The poem is now printed and placed on my fridge to remind me of the place where we are right.
I so enjoyed how you kept things friendly, low-key, open, etc. I’m not one for organized religion, and enjoy(ed) how you mix issues of morality and humanity and spirituality and real life all together with a sprinkle of religion on top.
Robin Urquart

At first I wasn’t sure how much one could glean from 45 min-1 hr of video chatting with so many individuals…but I was surprised at how much I had learned during the take-aways at the end. That was my favorite part…. Everyone was engaged, and when you called on people to share who were not expecting it, they didn’t just make something up on the spot. Everyone actually DID some spiritual yoga. I was not really expecting the level by which it affected people.

Dana Clark

I thought the session was excellent. It was great seeing everyone involved. I tend to sit back and observe so it was nice that we had the break out sessions which forced me to participate and even start them since my name begins with B and  it was done alphabetically. Thank you for this enlightening class! 

Bonnie Crane

Don't Be Shy

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Three videos plus quotes


Which is a great deal as you will get a message from (the) God (of your understanding)  with some sense of your life’s purpose right now.

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Spiritual fitness: paradoxicality.

Paradoxicality – a practical spiritual tool you can use to help center yourself and to open yourself up to greater posibilities.

A message about your purpose from (the) God (of your understanding).

Ancient wisdom.
Modern technology.
Wonderful teacher.