Immediately below is me re-creating the serive for those who missed it. Below on the screen are the RECORDINGS of the actual services. You might enjoy watching to see how those happened. The one of the right had 50 people live. The one on the left, about nine.  It’s cool to see how those worked. (They aren’t edited.) The first video is best if you just want to have what is close to a one-on-one service experience with me. Enjoy. -Rabbi Brian




Poems used in the service.

Dopeness. Last night’s service in a word.

I didn’t know how an e-gathering like that would go. I enjoyed it lots and felt moved by how much realer it was than traditional services. Feeding babies, dogs barking, side convos and wine refills…Cosmic Mother is in that stuff and we so rarely get to see it. So, thanks for pulling the curtain back a bit so that could rise in my awareness.
I am looking forward to the next one. Toni Reynolds

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