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Meditation is magic

Gain (some) calm and clarity amidst whatever sh*t is going.


Join Stallion and Dragon as they learn from Rabbi Brian.

An effective, fun approach to learning meditation and mindfulness.




Learn the basics of meditation and mindfulness from the kind and fertile mind of Rabbi Brian of Religion Outside The Box

Portland Rabbi’s Releases New (Not-Boring) Meditation Book for Would-Be Meditators



The not-boring, graphic-novel style book shares skills for remaining calm and focused in a global pandemic and beyond.


[Portland, Ore] October 6, 2020 – Quarantine, self-isolation, wall-to-wall media coverage, working (and schooling) from home… The COVID-19 pandemic is certainly taking a toll on our mental well-being. Meditation is Magic, from Portland Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer, makes meditation and mindfulness – a must in this crazy time – easy, accessible and fun.

The comic-book-esque, graphic-novel style how-to avoids jargon and woo-woo spiritual fluff. It follows two characters, Dragon and Stallion, as they learn mindfulness and meditation from a shape-shifting Rabbi who appears as everyone from Warhol to Mr. Rogers and from Yoda to Richard Simmons.

The oversized, full color book complete with prizes at the back was designed as an on-ramp for first-time, teen, and would-be ADHD meditators. 

“Meditation is boring,” says Mayer. “There’s no way around that. And I’ve seen too many people needlessly get stuck in lifeless instructions Learning how to meditate shouldn’t be boring or hard to do. And in our hectic, noisy lives, we need to be able to sit still.”

The bottom line, says Mayer? Just f*cking sit there. #JFST

Meditation is Magic takes the “am I doing this wrong?” out of the meditation learning equation. Meditation is Magic is available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and

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