“AMAZING” – Andrea in Hillsboro


“RABBI BRIAN IS AN EXPERIENCE” – Brent on 37th/Thompson

“REVOLUTIONARY” – The Jewish Journal

This is the masterpiece of my work with Religion-Outside-The-Box so far. Participants leave having had almost mystical experiences. (I can’t guarantee actual mystical experiences, but I can teach the seven qualities of a mystical experience and deliver a good approximation.)


Join my for my Hendrix @ Woodstock material. -rB


This is a really CRUDE reservation system. But, I want to get an idea of how much food to order. (I’m a bit like a little old Jewish grandma and I always like to have enough food fo people. So, please either put yourself in the reservation system above, or email me.

Few problems are solved by an email your in-box.

This is an exception.

40 curiosity-satisfying, soul-nuturing messages (with a little spunk) from Rabbi Brian. Raw, honest, vulnerable reflections on faith/religion/spirituality. Without being dogmatic, pompous, or woo-woo. Or overly Jewy-McJewish.

Plus $130-savings on $180 patience mini-course.

Wonderful! You did it. Look for an email soon! (Unless you want to work on your patience, of course.)