Package of 22 individual spiritual modules


A collection of 22 audio, video and PDFs on a wide range of spiritual topics. Most are about 15 minutes. Two are about 30 minutes. And, the topic love is covered twice.

Binge listen to Rabbi Brian’s wisdom!

Hours and hours and hours of good for your life spiritual content.

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Get every module at once. A spiritual shmorasgasborg: Patience, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Learning, Acceptance, Gee-Oh-Dee, Current Reality, Love, Surrender, Anger, Meditation, Perspective, Religion, Magic, Kindness, Soul, Sin, Change, Joy Time Space, Faith, Spirituality.

22 PDFs 22 Audio FIles 22 Videos

Hours of quality content.

“Not exactly what I expected. Not what I have seen before. But, time well spent. Very well spent.” – Robin S.

“Challenging religious concepts, simplified. I really enjoyed it.” – Aaron R.

“My mind was blown. I’m digesting the information still. Thank you.” – Nancy Brown

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