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Help ROTB to promote spiritual fitness with a $50/month donation.

Please note: you will need to create an account to make this work.

This is not difficult. It’s something you can handle. I’m just telling to help you manage your expectations.

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Support ROTB’s mission to promote spiritual fitness with a $50/month donation.


Because people deserve a reasonable voice to guide them in their spiritual lives.

And, because you like the newsletter and programs the ROTB offers. And, you want to support Rabbi Brian in his work. And, because you know that being financially invested in this will help you to feel a greater sense of the importance of your religious life. And, well, I don’t know, other reasons that are dear to your heart… and, well, I don’t know, good reasons…

I thank you for promoting spiritual fitness. Cause, without your support, I couldn’t do what I am doing. I thank you.

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