Acceptance, acceptance, acceptance (Three Modules)


Benefits of these three practical spiritual modules on acceptance:

  • Chart your path towards acceptance of any situation by learning and using the acronym DABDA
  • Gain peace towards what is troubling you by knowing where you stand with regard to how far you are from a heartfelt acceptance with a simple tool
  • Reframe that which annoys you with the implementation of a script-flipping strategy
  • Find out how the small annoyances in your life can be used as a training ground for tacking larger annoyances
  • Learn how to deal with other people�۪s anger
  • Get prizes for accepting reality as it is
  • Find calm by imagining blue apples
  • Carry a tissue with you to keep you calm
  • Bits of practical information that you will remember and use
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Three modules that will take you 2-minutes to read, listen to, or watch, and a lifetime to master.

Three lessons in the backbone of any spiritual practice: accepting reality as is.

Acceptance is the answer to ALL of my problems today.”

  1. An active practice of acceptance is at the core of any spiritual workout
  2. Reality. It comes only as it. You can’t get a new, shiny one.
  3. Learning to live with it
  4. Carry a tissue around for a day (or two) and break your habit of taking on other people’s problems
  5. A logical approach to the radical act of making a subtle decision to enjoy life more
  6. Surrender, the religious word for acceptance

Rabbi Brian (rB as thousands of people call him) promotes spiritual fitness to adults. He is an award-winning educator (he taught high school mathematics for seven years after he left regular rabbi) and the dean of instruction at Tannen’s Magic camp. He runs Religion-Outside-The-Box  a post-denominational web-based religious movement for folk of all spiritual backgrounds. He also is the author of My Fun Theology Workbook: how to find out what (the) God (of your understanding) wants from you as well as thousands of articles, videos, and podcasts.

3 audio files
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3 Videos

“Frigging brilliant…thank you Rabbi Brian!” – Allison P

“I love doing the exercises and treasuring the insights. Wow! WOW!” – Gage-David H.

Love this! Just the right amount, thank you and making it easy and straightforward.” – Nancee McP

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