Gratitude, Thankfulness, Complaining (Three Modules)


Benefits of these three practical spiritual modules on gratitude:

  • Find joy in learning to control the parts of reality that you can control
  • Feel good about the world as you do a less than 5-minute spiritual exercise
  • Recommit yourself to a simple, easy practice for expressing gratitude
  • Increase your gratitude practice with a simple mathematical formula
  • Logic your way towards fewer complaints
  • Face a 21-day challenge that will change your life
  • Reverse all the negatives in your life into positives. (Really! But it is not easy.)


Three modules that will take you 2-minutes to read, listen to, or watch, and a lifetime to master.

Three lessons on a component to every spiritual practice: gratitude

Gratitude = moments of “conscious gratitude” – complaints

  1. Gratitude is a virtue of every spiritual practitioner
  2. Find out how to find the proverbial glass a little fuller
  3. Want to hear fewer complaints in your life, here’s a tip: complain less
  4. Invert your complaints by magically turning them into moments of gratitude. (This takes a large amount of willingness, a touch of faith, and a great return on the time you put into practice.)

Rabbi Brian (rB, as thousands of people call him) promotes spiritual fitness to adults. He is an award-winning educator (he taught high school mathematics for seven years after he left regular rabbi) and the dean of instruction at Tannen’s Magic camp. He runs Religion-Outside-The-Box  a post-denominational web-based religious movement for folk of all spiritual backgrounds. He also is the author of My Fun Theology Workbook: how to find out what (the) God (of your understanding) wants from you,  as well as thousands of articles, videos, and podcasts.

3 audio files
3 PDFs
3 Videos

Not exactly what I expected. Not what I have seen before. But, time well spent. Very well spent. – Robin S.

Challenging religious concepts, simplified. I really enjoyed it. – Aaron R.

My mind was and is blown. I’m digesting the information still. Thank you. – Nancy Brown

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