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Health Profession Product Bundle

Save $5 on 3 Great Products.

Denial in a Vial

Reality can be too much. And, who wants to deal with negative stuff anyway? When you have Denial-in-a-vial you don’t have to deal.

WARNING: This product is not to be taken with faith.

Active ingredient: delusion.

EphXacy – In the history of medicine, nothing is more effective.

25 vacuous gelatin capsules help exactly as you think.
Zero-side effects.
Unleash your self-healing with
NOTE: Lack of results is common.
Clinically proven to be effective for whatever you think.

Ingredients: Gelatin, coloring, cleverness, and imagination.

Tincture of Time – Subscription Pad

There is magic in getting a prescription. Harness that magic. Help people to do less.

Whether you are a primary care physician, yoga instructor or hypochondriac, you will delight every time you pull one of the 25 pages off of the pad.

A great gift for the caretakers in your life.

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