Spiritual Smörgåsbord (Six Modules)


Benefits of these practical spiritual modules:

  • Rest:
    • Feel refreshed as you unlearn the havoc set into motion by Parkinson’s law
    • Sit deeper in your own experience with three quotes about non-doing
  • Joy:
    • Laugh as you deconstruct your mental link between joy and complaints
    • Learn about real wealth
    • Find gladness
  • Perspective:
    • Separate yourself from what you think to be true by learning the difference between two words
    • Unthink the connection between pain and suffering
  • Spaciousness:
  • Relax with 20-extra minutes added to your day tomorrow
    • Find breath for life as you emulate the divine
  • Transcendence: Connecting with unity
    • Elevate your experience through learning about word-play and then life
    • Optional: experiment with adding a “blessing” to your meals
  • Fulfillment:
    • Find joy in your experience by using the letters A-Z


Six modules that will take you 2-minutes to read, listen to, or watch, and a lifetime to master.
Lessons on: Rest, Joy, Perspective, Spaciousness, Transcendence, & Fulfillment

  1. Rest: Stop. The revolution starts with stopping
  2. Joy: Enjoying its own reward
  3. Perspective: Less thinking is better
  4. Spaciousness: Get 20 free minutes a day
  5. Transcendence: Connecting with unity
  6. Fulfillment: Heralding and more

Rabbi Brian (rB – as thousands of people call him) promotes spiritual fitness to adults. He is an award-winning educator (he taught high school mathematics for seven years after he left regular rabbi) and the dean of instruction at Tannen’s Magic camp.  He runs Religion-Outside-The-Box – a post-denominational web-based religious movement for folk of all spiritual backgrounds. He also is the author of “My Fun Theology Workbook: how to find out what (the) God (of your understanding) wants from you” as well as thousands of articles, videos, and podcasts.

6 audio files
6 PDFs
6 Videos

I often feel like a spiritual misfit . . . it is wonderful to have you to guide me.” – Sarah-Beth R.

“Frigging brilliant…thank you Rabbi Brian!” – Allison P

“Love this! Just the right amount, thank you and making it easy and straightforward.” – Nancee McP.“Not exactly what I expected. Not what I have seen before. But, time well spent. Very well spent.” – Robin S.

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