ROTB_live/service is religion-outside-the-box. Part classroom. Part gathering. Part religious service.

“In a word, Religion-Outside-The-Box is revolutionary!”

Join rB. Thursday, September 21, 2017.

6 or 9pm EST • 3 or 6pm PST

Join me…

“I welcome you. I want you to join me.”

See? That sounds just creepy. I want you to join me.

“Join me.” Who says that? Freaks and cult leaders. But I don’t know how else to write what I mean better than “join me.”

“I want to invite you” sounds too formal.

“Tickets available” makes this sound like a circus act – which, I guess, is kinda true anyhow. Only certain religious events are the type of thing for which a person to buys “tickets”

“Let us co-create a union together – the two of us and others, together as one.” That sounds like a pick up line at the regional spirituality conference.

So, for lack of better words, “Join me.”

Join me for some magical community time – the type of thing that often gets called “a religious service.” A Religion-Outside-The-Box_live/service.

And, trust I’m not a cult-leader.

I thank you.

Rabbi Brian

Spiritual fitness for challenging times.

Religion-Outside-The-Box Live 

$18 for two tickets

Rabbi Brian shares who he is and sheltering the beautiful so well that when he offers it, we feel it changing us. I like what he is doing. It is good work.

Reverend Gretta Vosper

[Rabbi] Brian is a religious artist, redefining a medium. He is at the forefront of religion, connecting us both to what is holy and to each other. Bishop John Shelby Spong

My friend Cheryl and I frequently ask ourselves, and each other, WWRBS (What Would Rabbi Brian Say) when dealing with challenging situations and people. It brings your wisdom and perspective into our hearts.

Wendy on the Web

Phenomenal. Rabbi Brian entertains and teaches about spiritual issues that we had never considered. I, for one, had never contemplated that my spiritual practice was so easy to practice. He actively engages and I am thankful.

Dr. Josh Samuels

In a word… revolutionary.

Jewish Journal

If you are a God-wrestler or a person who is afraid to broach the subject, and/or someone brand new to the idea of a serious relationship with anything divine, [Rabbi] Brian is the Rabbi / “Doctor” you need.

Rabbi Noa Kushner

Hope. Resilience. Perspective. Wisdom. Compassion.

Religion-Outside-The-Box Live 

$18 for two tickets


Some Questions & Answers

What is it?

It's a gathering. Because I have felt a calling to serve people who are connected in and yet need to be connected with.

A web service.


Not a service that is on re-run.

It's live.

I have an outline for way more than an hour's worth of material. This is nothing stodgy.

This gathering is::

  1. Novel
  2. Simple
  3. Engaging
  4. Fun
  5. Practical

Because I am a WONDERFUL educator and rabbi. 

It's like I am throwing a party and inviting my friends. And, chances are if you are reading these words we have some connection. 

I'm the Brene Brown of religion. (Is that too much to say?)

I am a performance artist in the spiritual realm.

I am rational and believe in ethical culture.

And, I'm on a Blues Brother's type mission from God.


What if I don't like it?

First, if you don't think you are going to like it, then, don't join it. Please.

But, if you think you are going to like it, you do it, and then you realized you didn't like it, please let me know. I will attempt to make amends. Full refund of your $ and I will attempt to return you to your previous state of mind.

Do I have to be there live?

ROTB_live is best experienced live with loved ones and then processed afterward with loved ones.

No. You don't have to be there live. But, think about this: while you could potentially learn the tuba from only watching YouTube videos, it’s just not a great way of learning.  Live interaction is better. Nonetheless, I will record it. And, I'll send it to anyone who signs up.

Can I do this with a friend?

YES! It is encouraged! I would love you to do this with a friend!

If you are in the same location and you can sit close, do it. Put ROTB_live up on a big screen and let's do this big time.

If you are in different locations, you can both log on and be able to see and interact with each other.

While I don't encourage passing notes, the technology is there for people to text each other.

ROTB_live is best experienced live with loved ones and then processed afterward with loved ones.


Last year I charged folk to get a ticket. This year, I'm going to ask for a heartfelt donation with a minimum of $18.

Of course, I would rather you be there than not be there.

Please come.

What if I'm not good at technology?

I've got you. I've talked people through this. If you have figured out how to get these words on the screen, you can do this. Larry, my 80-year-old BFF can do this. On the other hand, my godmother, Alice, she's not been able to make the technology work.

So, I cannot promise.

Via the internet? Can that work?

You've cried at a movie or watching a movie at home. Right? You've done it.

I've met with scores of people via the internet (doing spiritual direction, counseling clergy-folk, teaching classes) and we've all felt intimate. Real gods-honest emotion gets shared time and time again on the web. Come and experience it yourself.

Look at the testimonials. This works.

What technology exactly are we using? Can I test it out?

I use zoom. It's like a web classroom. Like Skype, but better. You can see me, I can see you, we can both see the other participants. Think the opening sequence of the Brady Bunch.

As of now, I'm not using Facebook live because that isn't as interactive. And, I want you there. Not too distracted.

Can you choose NOT to share your camera?
Don't panic about the technology too much.

Log in
You can try it right now. Here's a test room.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Technical support is 888.799.5926

Video? How about just phone?

You can do audio only. 

I slightly favor video participants, but am learning to make this work just as well for those who want to listen only.
        US: +1 646 558 8656  or +1 669 900 6833
        Canada: +1 647 558 0588
    Meeting ID: 503 908 4472

How many people are going to be doing this?

I am limited by technology to 100 in the session. In the past we've had more than 50. And, we've had smaller than 10 – that was the first one.)

My questions wasn't answered... Now what?

Ask me. I'll answer it.  You have my email address or fB page... 


Reflection Time + Webinar




via technology

All (13 and older) are welcome.

Spiritual Fitness for Difficult Times

Hope. Resilience. Perspective. Wisdom. Compassion.

$18/two tickets

Host: Rabbi Brian (he/him)
Theme: Paradoxicality. Using both/and thinking to get through difficult times.
Ancient wisdom. Modern technology. Wonderful teacher.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

6 or 9 pm EST • 3 or 6 pm PST

$18 for two tickets.

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Hope. Resilience. Perspective. Wisdom. Compassion.

(Questions? See above or email me.)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

6 or 9 pm EST • 3 or 6 pm PST

Few problems are solved by an email your in-box.

This is an exception.

40 curiosity-satisfying, soul-nuturing messages from rB
Plus $130-savings on patience

Wonderful! You did it. Look for an email soon! (Unless you want to work on your patience, of course.)