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Rabbi Brian’s presentations are a proprietary blend of 50% Wisdom, 33% Love of God, and approximately 17% Fun. Your group will learn and laugh, be challenged and grow. Guaranteed.


The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

Rabbi Brian is an engaging, brilliant and funny speaker.  He understands how to share his ideas with audiences from teens to seniors with entertaining and yet thought provoking spiritual insights.  Rabbi Brian lifts the spirit and enters his student’s minds and hearts. He educationally, theologically and meaningfully nourished my congregation.

Rabbi Richard Steinberg • Congregation Shir Ha-Ma’a lot • Irvine, CA

Rabbi Brian was just the guest speaker my congregation needed to hear!  He has an engaging style that made complex ideas, like stages of faith, fun to explore. He really embodies the best of ‘rabbi as teacher.’ Most of all, he was able to help people mess around with notions of God, from the ridiculous to the transcendent. Now that he has broken open the GOD-BOX,  my job of helping people explore what God can mean to them is so much easier.

Rev. Sarah Schurr • West Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship • Portland, OR

I invited Rabbi Brian on a Catholic High School retreat with 75 sixteen-year-olds who were encountering God through small groups, testimony, scripture, and community. I was in need of an adult to share a personal experience of salvation to these young people form various backgrounds. Because of Rabbi’s inclusivity, kindness, devotion, faith, and wisdom, he reached these juniors at a pivotal point of their weekend retreat. Rabbi’s talk was pure, humble, and elegant; he spoke to the students about his faith in God, connecting their backgrounds, personal experiences, and this shared experience together giving them insight into their personal faith in their God. Because of Rabbi’s willingness and love, boundaries were shared and God was felt. I was (and am) so grateful for being in the presence of that community at that moment.

Sarah Maher • Campus Minister, De La Salle North Catholic High School • Portland, OR


Pick from the following prepared topics,
do a combination,
or communicate with Rabbi Brian to tailor something else for your group…



1. Finding (The) God (of your Understanding)

A tour of the commonly-held, baggage-laden notions of the divine and how to start thinking differently. Rabbi Brian helps engages adults to explore the hindrances that keep them from (the) God (of their understanding). His warmth and perspective will have people laughing and learning simultaneously.

This is Rabbi Brian’s signature piece of work and can be tailored from a crisp 60 to a beautiful 90 or an extended 120 minutes. This expert educator will lead participants to unlearn their theological baggage, learn about Fowler’s faith stages, and use outside-the-box techniques to further their personal relationship with the divine.

Rabbi Brian is the head of Religion-Outside-The-Box, a internet-based not-for-profit that has empowered thousands of adults to find and be with (the) God (of their understanding). He is a master of education – he has been teaching high school mathematics for the past 7 years. If he can teach underserved youth how to derive the quadratic formula, he can guide thoughtful adults through the murky waters of adult theology.

Having attended and continuing to serve as a counselor at Tannen’s Magic Camp, Rabbi Brian does not just give a frontal presentation. His ideas are illuminated and underscored with memorable theatrics – like teaching about how uncomfortable unlearning is by handing out apples and convincing people that the way they “normally” eat apples is probably flawed.

His highly praised book, My Fun Theology Workbook, based on part of this talk been lauded as “fanciful, adventurous and serious, all at the same time – like God.”

This REVOLUTIONARY talk empowers adults with the drive and vocabulary to further delving into their personal theology.

BONUS: Goody bags! Rabbi Brian will bring a delightful assortment of brilliant and thought-provolking spiritual-religious gifts for each participant.  (Hey, let’s face it, everyone likes gifts!)

This talk is best suited for groups from 50 to 300.

His background as a performer, as a magician, is a part of his rabbinate that makes him a beloved teacher. One with great skill and tremendous humor.

Rabbi Donald Goor

The audience of about 150 people took the 90-minute show to heart and appeared not only to have a great time but to have learned something as well.

The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

2.  Tricks, Magic, and Miracles

Rabbi Brian – a member of the senior faculty of the world famous Tannen’s Magic Camp –  demonstrates some astonishing tricks for the simple joy of entertaining and amazing. Then, he deliberately divulges the working of some tricks some to underscore Fritz Perl’s notion that “understanding is the booby prize.”

Rabbi Brian parses out the distinction between “tricks” and “magic’ by teaching everyone how to perform some simple but powerful bits of slight of hand with ordinary rubber bands.

A discussion about miracles encourages participant to fill their lives with wonder and the ability to see miracles all around them.

Fun! People will learn and be entertained in this hour long session.

Think a Jewish Ray Romano channeled through Ram Dass.  He weaves a bewitching combination of Borscht Belt-style humor and Philosophy.

The Jewish Journal

I have been intentionally involved in the work of spiritual growth and development for over 40 years. I have read countless books and articles and blogs and reflections. They are for the most part helpful and create energy and growth in the life of the spirit…. If it be by email, texting or my favorite, face to face, the dynamic of a conversation with Rabbi Brian is an occasion of grace not to be missed.

Bill Z., Roman Catholic Priest – Portland, OR

3. Love vs. Anger  –  a meaningful talk on a topic that matters.

This 90-minute dharma-talk by a master educator includes wisdom from Aristotle, St. Augustine, The Bible, ShantiDeva, the Kotzker Rebbe, Carl Jung, and more. Participants leave with Rabbi Brian’s applicable and memorable bits of wisdom which Include the two root causes of anger, the 9 parts of love, and the 4 qualities of healthy anger. Profound and digestible.

Rabbi Brian is your spiritual butler. He will help you empty your God-bag and dispose of the bits you no longer need. Like any good butler, he will also put things in order by repacking your bag with the items that will help you in your relationship with God.

Sensei Nagy B. – Buddhist Monk – Los Angeles, CA

His seminar makes the topics of God and religion into a jungle gym rather than a china shop. Brilliant.

Daniel Utley • Rabbinic student and Jewish educator



Deep Wisdom

Love of God



Send an e-mail to Rabbi Brian to say you were on this page, tell him a tiny little bit about your organization, and not only will he respond, but he will send you a gift! Really!






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