The Experts:

• Dr. Sara-Jean Lipmen

• Rabbi Brian

• You 

What we’ll cover…



What’s different:

How this is NOT like school


Techniques teachers use and you can adapt.


If it’s not covered, ask, we’ll answer. And, if we don’t have a good answer, we’ll research it and get back to you.


Thursday, April 30th

11am PST & 6pm PST

45-minutes of information to help you frame and get a handle on education.

How we do this.

Decide if you want to join us for this.

That’s important, right? That you decide you want to learn some tips and tricks from master educators.

Pay from the heart payment options.

We are asking for $20 per log-in. If that’s a hardship, send $10. If you have the means, $30 would help us subsidize the $10 folk. 

You’ll log on Zoom. But, it’s better.

We are using the latest technology so you’ll see both prepresters, slides, as well as everyone else. And, you’ll be able to engage, live.

Fee: $20.

Includes either or both sessions on 4/30  + video recording + notes.


If you know us, you can VenMo or Square either of us and we’ll get you the log-in info.



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