Un-sticking one thing in your spiritual-religious life has the power to change everything.


Your life is good. And yet, your life borders on being better – much better. The place you need to make a change in your life isn’t intellectual, emotional, or physical – it’s in the spiritual. You know that if you could un-stick one thing in your spiritual-religious life, your whole life could improve greatly. I believe that too.
I am Rabbi Brian. I have counseled hundreds of people in spiritual direction – helping them in life-changing ways.

In one long, complicated sentence: I apply non-judgmental, cognitive and psycho-emotional transformational techniques to unblock where you are spiritually encumbered.

In a catch-phrase: I help you to find yourself, blessed.

If you’re looking to come out of the closet spiritually, Rabbi Brian’s spiritual breakthrough class is a great way to explore and learn with other people on the path. Rabbi Brian’s humor and real life examples make it feel safe to examine and discuss whatever comes up. Profound, enlightening and fun.
Katney in PDX

Spiritual Breakthrough Group


I have worked with people to achieve:

  • Comfort getting out of the proverbial spiritual-closet
  • Experiencing life as more joyous – less odious – more fun – an experience of freedom and laughter
  • Feeling loved and seen, broken parts and all – and even learning that some of those broken parts are the most loved
  • A renewed (and sometimes first time) relationship with (a personal understanding of) God

Would you like results like this? We can do it!

When people experience a small adjustment in their spiritual life, they experience huge benefits in every other aspect of their life.


This process can be uncomfortable. Paradigm shifts and spiritual breakthrough can be jarring and disorienting. I will support you through the process, but discomfort often does happen. (I fully believe that the long-term benefits are fully worth the temporary discomfort.)

If requested, I can work in conjunction with your therapist.

Due to the nature of this work, group spiritual direction is not for those who have recently experienced trauma.

Your breakthrough

We start by exploring your spiritual sticking point.

Maybe you know your spiritual sticking point. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you can put words around it. Maybe you can’t. Spiritual sticking points are different for everyone. And, you don’t need to know exactly what yours is. Part of my job is to help you discover and articulate exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve.

Before we meet together as a group, we talk. Individually. You and me. Often our first talk is before you sign-up and it’s a chance for you to ask me some question and for us to see if we are a fit.

I want to help you to clarify the spiritual sticking point that you have. I want to talk about your concerns in doing this work. We talk about the spiritual goals that you have. We talk about fantasies you might have about the other members of the group and how that might play into your individually work


For many people, the group experience is a little easier than meeting one-on-one. You get to see other people being brave and it encourages you to do the same. 

We might also work one-on-one. It’s up to you. And, me. So, let’s talk.


  • We meet weekly for 8 weeks
  • One hour group meeting per week
  • Groups have a maximum of 8 participants
  • Private FaceBook group for inter-meeting support. I help you with all web-tech issues. Don’t be frightened by any of that.
  • Individual check-in sessions with Rabbi Brian
  • Weekly phone/text with Rabbi Brian between meetings. (1:1 level only)
  • We meet via technology. This oughtn’t worry you. If it does, ask me. We can do this.

If after the 8 weeks, you don’t feel like you got your money’s worth, I will refund whatever amount you ask.


I would be glad to talk to you about your questions or concerns. I don’t expect many people to sign-up without first wanting to touch base with me beforehand. Please ask.

Rabbi Brian is an amazing wealth of knowledge and it is a honour to have crossed paths and come to his course. I highly recommend it -and him- for getting unstuck and growing to new spiritual places. The personal growth and spiritual growth are worth the time and money.

This course has been a game changer! Truly did lead to a spiritual break through for me

Shary in Canada


I get that signing-up might feel scary. I’d be a bit scared too. I would be glad to speak with you (as non-biasedly as I can) about if this group would be right for you.

I do not expect many people to sign-up without first wanting to touch base with me beforehand. Please ask.

If you are Canadian, the exchange rate is rough, eh? If that is what is keeping you from being in this, I will be glad to apply scholarship monies to make 1 CAD = 1 USD. Let me know.

I was able to find the God in me and rediscover the beauty of being vulnerable.

It was such a blessing having this time with you and the others of the spiritual breakthrough group.  I feel sad and rejoiced at the same time. The tears are filling my eyes as I type.


Struggling to stay Catholic

This was a very valuable experience. The group made me feel safe exploring my spiritual questions. It gave me a forum for having these conversations which I don’t get have in other parts of my life. I feel encouraged (in the literal sense of that word en-COURAGE-d) to deepen the conversations and questions now.

Formerly discouraged in NYC

I don’t have firm times for the next group because I need to wait until I have a group. If you are interested, please let me know. rabbi_brian@rotb.org. I would love to chat and see if you might be a good fit. I thank you.



1for1 level includes between meeting phone/text support. Through your generosity, ROTB can offer full and partial scholarships.